Do Things That Matter

Jesus was once asked what the most important commandment was. He answered with two: Love God with everything you have, and Love your neighbor as yourself. In fact the second flows from the first. If you love God with everything you have, you love the people he loves, namely, your neighbors. The simple act of inviting someone who lives nearby for coffee could make all the difference in the world.

You were not created to be self serving. In fact, anyone who has served others can speak to the great satisfaction that they feel in helping. God created us for this. If you live life in a way that pulls you away from God and away from loving others, you will find yourself depleted and empty. People who have worked to advance themselves often find themselves rich by the world's standards but ultimately alone.

Step up and lean into loving God and neighbor. As you identify with God while you love his people, you will not only become like God, but you will know him better. In service you will find peace, hope, and joy. In service you will know Jesus in his work and sacrifice, and can experience his joy and life.