He Wants To Meet You

There is one story that is so remarkable and that stands so far above all other stories, that we would all benefit by considering it. It's the story of a man who grew up and died for the sole purpose of saving us from ourselves. It's the story of how the creator of humankind wept for the sins of his people and sent his son to spare them his justice.

Jesus offered himself up as a mediator between God and man and was crucified. He was despised by men and took the judgment of God in our place. Being in essence one with God, death could not hold him and he rose from death to life. He then continued teaching here on Earth until he returned to God, to stand forever as a mediator between us.

This sounds crazy. Yet if it is true, it changes everything. Even if you have not met Jesus, you would probably want this to be true, because it would mean that God loved you and would give everything for you. Nothing in this life could be more important than meeting him. Once you do, it does change everything.