Join a Life Group

When Jesus ascended to God, he left behind the Holy Spirit with his people so that they might stay connected to him. In sharing the Spirit of God, they become a part of God's family. Like any family, they were close, and it was messy. Even so, the earliest followers of Jesus lived in a very remarkable community where the Spirit of God brought the rich, the poor, the slaves, the women, and the men together in unity despite the messiness.

The early church was referred to by their most distinguishing feature. The word for church comes from the Greek word for "community" (eklesia). Today, while technology has connected us in interesting ways, it can also separate us from community. Get closer to others by spending time with them. Being part of a church means being in a community that is like family - even with the mess. Unlike our earthly families, we have a bond that is rooted in the Holy Spirit who will help us deal with the mess.

We want to build communities where everyone comes together in unity. Whether you are anti-church or have been in church your whole life, we want to welcome you in. Let us join together and experience unity in a way that transcends understanding. We commit to meeting together in small groups that share life together so that we can grow.