Following Jesus is a hockey stick.  For those of you not familiar with Silicon Valley speak, a hockey stick is the graph that Google saw when it realized that advertizing was making money.  It is exponential growth upward with no ceiling in sight.  It is what Silicon Valley start-ups dream about every single day.

When you start following Jesus you may not see very much, there is just a pivot in your life direction.  Pretty soon though, you realize this business is not like the last one.  This business is going somewhere -- fast!

The Apostle Paul had one of these pivots.  For him, it was profitable to persecute the early church, killing its followers and marking him as the most zealous of Jews.  However, once he met Jesus, his trajectory changed. 

At first, it may have just seemed like more religion with minor updates, but by the time Paul died, he would have traveled all through the Roman world, experiencing miracles, tragedy, joy, persecution, and more.  His life went from religious zealotry to an intimate relationship with God.  He became spiritually rich.

Unlike the Silicon Valley lottery, the process for spiritual fulfillment is repeatable.  Jesus is alive and people are following Him and growing rich every day.  For many, the promise of richness seems like a hoax.  It is too good to be true -- "God does not care about me" and "God is not big enough" are the lies we believe.

Find a Christian.  Ask them to show you Jesus.  Better yet, find Jesus and ask him for life.