Following Jesus means changing the way we talk.  This is vividly illustrated in one of the first miracles of the church where tongues of fire rested on each believer.  They start babbling!  People around them start laughing, thinking that they are drunk, while some foreigners start realizing that the noise is in their own language!  Peter then goes up and speaks to them all, telling them about Jesus' life, death, burial, and resurrection.

Here is a pattern that is very old: God presents himself before people, and as they change, they are compelled to speak about him.  Moses met God in a burning bush and then spoke powerfully to the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Ezekiel was given a scroll in a vision, which he ate, thereby changing his words forever.  Saul who spoke ill of God, was met by Jesus and struck blind.  Jesus sent Ananias to speak to and heal Saul.  This resulted in Saul, now Paul, transforming into one of the greatest advocates the church has ever known.

There is a huge amount of pressure in our culture to make faith a private affair.  When we keep what we've experienced about Jesus private, we belittle it.  We essentially testify that Jesus has had only a minimal impact on our lives.  What he has done is so minor that it's not worth speaking about.  Yes, we keep the peace, but no, we don't honor Jesus with what he has done.

If Jesus is doing something real in your life, it will be public.  There will be a real outward change that many will see.  This will be tightly coupled by a change in your speech that gives him the credit for what he has done.

This is part of a series: Reflections.