God is looking out for your best interests.  At every moment, whether you are aware or not, God is taking time to care for you in every meticulous detail.  Many times, you simple will not notice, but sometimes God will give you a glimpse into how He Loves and it is glorious.

I could certainly recount to you many stories of what he has shown me and how he has set me in awe:  his care for me before I was a Christian, how he revealed himself to me and brought the Bible to life, how he brought mentors around me, how he is caring for my children, and how he is working in people's lives around me.  It is humbling to think that God would take such time on me and others.  I simply can not do God's work justice in a short blog post.

Much of what God will do around you can be sensed experientially.  However, you will miss it if you are not paying attention.  You will account it all to coincidence if you try to ignore it.  God is working in large and small ways and it is humbling to see Him as a good Daddy for his children.  God will meet you and show you He cares if you really wish to see Him.

Take a moment today and reflect on how God has taken care of you.  Thank him.  Look for God in your day to day tomorrow and be amazed.

This is part of a series: Reflections.