My way or the highway.  The world must spin around us, or we will have a fit.  We manipulate, lie, argue, and cheat our way to the things we want.  We even do this with God, trying to trick God into giving us our way by manipulating him through circumstance, emotional appeals, argumentation, prayer, or deceit.

God calls us to die to ourselves and let go of what we want.  It is truly difficult.  Often we lie to ourselves, saying that we will improve or stop doing things wrongly.  We don't stop.  There are so many times where I have said that I'll try to do better, or said I am giving it the best I've got.  All the while continuing to do things that displease God without a second thought.  I tell myself that I will not do evil but I go back to it again and again.

Jesus is our path.  He can show us where to go, but we must let our preferences go.  If we stubbornly continue on our own way we get nowhere fast.  To switch paths requires that we give up ourselves.  It is our identity and who we are as people that needs disappear.  Letting go of the core of who we are is not easy, but Jesus is better.

When Jesus is tempted, he stands strong.  When Jesus is faced with burdens, he stands strong, When Jesus is emotionally weak to the point of despair, he stands strong.  When Jesus is faced with death, he stands strong.  When Jesus dies, he gets back up and he stands invincible.  Who's way is better?  Mine or His?  I fail at every point where he succeeds.  The only way to fail is to hold onto my life and my way. 

Instead, we can live with Jesus and experience the life that is his.  It becomes mine.  His strength upholds me through temptation, despair, and even death.   We die and find resurrection in this life into the next.  We stand victorious in Jesus.

This is part of a series: Reflections.