Abraham walked with God.  They were friends and shared plain conversation.  I would like that for myself.  Over the years, my relationship with God has had a natural ebb and flow.  The times when I lean into prayer and spend time with God, I share a deeper relationship with God than the times when I do not pursue Him.

What exactly is prayer?

Prayer is simply talking to God.  If you have been in church a while, you have probably heard this.  However, it can be a difficult thing to believe that we can simply talk to God.  We can wonder if God is listening or if it is worth it.  We can struggle with letting God speak into our lives.  We can doubt if God thinks us worth listening to.  Still, regardless of how we feel, God is there, listening and speaking.

If God is a distant energy, as some philosophers claim, then the best we can hope for is the power of positive thought.  At least for me, many of my prayers are not so positive.  They are expressions of pain and sadness.  The times when I need prayer are precisely not the times I want a distant energy. 

If God is an all powerful being that rules on high without care for us, as popular secularists like to think, then my prayers just go unanswered.  At best, I am comforted by hope that God might exist out there somewhere.  Prayer is a balm for the difficulties in life, but has little power.

Yet God is alive.  He has suffered our pains and our iniquities and He cares.  By all that He has done, he has shown us how much he loves us.  He wants to hear us and see us face to face.  Therein lies the power of prayer.  God conquered death to abide with us.  We get to then abide with Him in His glory and His power.  We can come joyful or broken, God as a person will meet us there.

This is part of a series: Reflections.